General Policies

Since we often operate on a tight time schedule we request your group arrive 15 minutes before you ride to check in. Guests arriving later than their group cannot be guaranteed a horse drawn ride unless previous arrangements are made. Otherwise late arrivavls will be taken to their party when staff is available. Guest vehicles are not allowed on trails due to safety. Unauthorized vehicles will be towed away. The cabin area closes at 10pm.

We request no pets out of consideration for other guests.

A 10% deposit is required to secure the date you wish. We must have a guaranteed count of guests at least 72 hours in advance. Charges will be based on either the guaranteed number or the actual attendance, whichever is greater.

All carriage rides must be confirmed with a credit card prior to appointment.

Weather Policies

The weather does affect activities at Cabin Ridge. We try never to cancel rides and parties. However, our first concern is to do what is necessary for the safety and well being of our guests.

Summer: If severe weather is predicted for the day of your event we will call to discuss options. Our wagons are covered in case of rain. We may delay a ride a few minutes if the weather maps indicate the rain will pass in a short period of time. For the safety of the guests and horses when a lightening storm is 40 miles out the horses will be put away. We will discuss with the host options for guests staying until scheduled close. In case of a severe thunderstorm or tornado warning we retain the right to end the party. We realize on occasion a storm ends up going around us at the last minute. This is an unknown so we must act on assumption that the storm will hit.

Winter: If a blizzard or extreme cold is predicted we will contact you to discuss party options. Ice storms will close us down as horses are unable to handle ice. Occasionally an ice storm will move in during a party. Parties will be canceled when a wind chill advisory has been issued. We will shut down a party for the safety of guests and horses in this situation.

If a party has to be canceled due to inclement weather rescheduling or a refund (if pre paid) may be done.